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BOOK – NLP Notes

NLP Notes

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  • Autore: Michele Cardone
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Descrizione dell’Ebook

NLP Notes, is a book by Michele Cardone. A musical journey across NLP.

The book is also a music-based course of NLP; a simple and original handbook of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This book will help you to discover:

How music takes us back to relive wonderful memories

What you can learn from the body language of great musicians

How a song can be used to learn effective communication

How NLP can improve many facets of our lives and support us in achieving our goals

NLP Notes is a musical journey that will help you learn more about yourself and NLP, a discipline created to reproduce the effective behaviors of outstanding people in every field. A passion for music is behind the learning frame of this book,  in which NLP fundamentals are illustrated.

If you want to learn the basics of this discipline, that explains the how-to of the human effectiveness, this book, full of examples taken from the world of music, is the one for you to read.

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